2016 Fall Festival - 09/17/16

We had our Fall Festival this year on Saturday, September 17, and Sunday, September 18.  The Most Reverend Kurt Burnette, Bishop of the Eparchy of Passaic, blessed our Crucifix, which survived the 2013 fire, during the Akathist to the Life-giving Cross.

Cleaning the statue of the Mother and Child
Cleaning the statue of the Mother and Child
Rolling the "Moon Bounce" up the hill
Always time for clowning!
Preparing the back for the Cross
Decorating the back of the Cross
Bringing it into Church
Preparing to mount the Cross for the Blessing
Attaching the "San Damiano" icon
Cross Prepared for the Blessing
Anna Petro standing at the ready in the Craft Room
Jonathan Aponick and Dn. Steve
Christopher Russo explaining the Icon to a visitor
Sharon Tita and Irene Carlson stationed for the Tea Cup Raffle
Steve Sedlak watching the video about the Cross
The Tea Cup Raffle is set!
George Malitz takes a moment during the cooking
Getting the Hall ready for the customers!
Selling tickets for the Raffle
Baked Goods for sale!
Don Carlson
Marion Smith and Nicholas Russo
Heather Russo
Heather Russo and Catherine Fulgum
Michelle James and Micky Vira take a lunch break
Don Carlson and Bobby Tita manning the grille
The Stephenson Family
Michelle James and Darina Jakubcak in the Craft Room
Michelle, Anna, and Darina in the Craft Room
Adrienne Lyon manning a Craft table
Michelle's art for sale!
Crafts and religious items
Jan Jakubcak at the loom!
Anna & Micky
"Moon Bounce"!
Kids Games
Dn. Steve and Sarah in mid-Polka!
Dn. Steve and Darina take to the "floor"
Sarah and Esther steppin'!
Dn. Steve and Esther
Dn. Steve and Esther
Esther was a popular Polka Partner-With Greg
Darina gives Sarah and Stephen Polka pointers
Balloons are always a hit!
Timothy Kearns answers questions about the Faith
Florence Zotyak comes to see her icon
Florence Zotyak comes to see her icon
Florence Zotyak comes to see her icon
Bishop Kurt, Fr. Ron, Fr. Ihor Vorontsov, Dn. Steve, and servers
Bishop Kurt with Florence
Bishop Kurt with Florence
Michelle & Micky get to Polka!
Michelle & Micky get to Polka!
Michelle & Micky get to Polka!
"Whitey" Clark takes a break
Lotty and David Fanning watching with visitors
Christopher and Sarah take a portrait
Nick Russo, Steph Fanning, and Greg & Michelle Maroni
The Kitchen Crew!
Steve Hrabcsak & Louise Zanzal
Nick and Chris with Don O'Mara and Gregory
Steve & Judy Sedlak
Timothy, Dn. Steve, Fr. Ron and Ann Devine get a chance to eat!
Adele Mikla baby-sitting
Adele Mikla baby-sitting
The old tabernacle
Admiring the Cross
Lotty, Sarah and Emmet
Admiring the Cross
Adrienne and Lotty
Frank Timan & Helen Tita
Catherine and Fr. Ron
Charlie and Judy selling and selling the tickets!
George & Judy Malitz working away in the kitchen
Esther wants to know about Greg's Boy Scout patches!
Don Carlson, Don & Ginny Zaleta and Marion Smith
Esther & Greg
Esther and Annmarie
Anna Liner, who donated the original Crucifix
Esther helps Sarah with her top!
Greg Maroni takes a chance!
Getting ready to hand out the raffle prizes
Getting ready to hand out the raffle prizes
Friends from St. Nicholas in White Plains
Round and round she goes...
Calling the winners
Somebody won big!
Big winners!
More winners!
And she wins a bike!
Blessing of the Cross
After the Blessing
After the Blessing
Bishop Kurt blesses parishioners after the Akathist
The Kearns Family
More for sale in the Craft Room
Blessing of the Cross
Blessing of the Cross
In all its splendor!
Everyone had a great time!